Over the past few years Ninco have been producing a series of high performance slot cars called the Lightning Series.  These high performance pro race slot cars are aimed at the more serious slot club racers.  Typically the racing components in these slot cars include;

Ninco Audi R8 Total Lightning 2Ninco Murcielago Blancpain 2

Ninco Audi R8 Lightning Series                    Ninco Lamorghini Murceilago Lightning

  • Motor NC12 Crusher 23,500 rpm
  • Angle winder configuration with all metal gearing
  • Pro Race lexan chassis
  • Light weight lexan interior
  • Pro Race deep slot guide
  • Silicone wiring from motor to pick up guide.
  • Metal Alloy hubs with slick racing tyres
  • Titanium Axles

The inclusion of these racing components gives the lightning cars a major advantage over standard slot cars.  Superior handling with faster motors, inevitably mean that really competitive lap times are possible.  Of course they still have to be driven well, in order to achieve great lap times.  In the following paragraphs I will be taking a closer look at some of the main performance components that make a Lighting Pro Race cars perform so well.

Motor Combinations:  Depending on a number of factors, such as the size of your slot car track and your diving ability, there are a number of  different Ninco motor options available for the lightning cars.  These include;

  • NC 14 20,600 rpm at 14.8 volts, torque rating 175 m/a 280g*cm.  This is a great all round motor for midsized tracks and can outperform the higher rated rpm motors in the right hands.
  • NC 12 23,600 rpm at 14.8 volts, torque rating 190 m/a 270g*cm.  This is a great motor for larger tracks with long straights.  It has high top end speed combined with really good braking potential.
  • NC 10 26,000 rpm at 14.8 volts, torque rating 300m/a 300g*cm.  This is the highest rated rpm motor that Ninco produce. You need a really good handling car to successfully incorporate this motor.  Wheel spin is very easy to achieve, due to the amount of rpm this motor has.  This motor is really suited to the more experienced slot car drivers.

Axles & Bearings: Standard mild steel axles can be replaced with special titanium ones.  The ordinary mild steel axles tend to develop wear lines in them after constant use.  Using titanium axles for seriously competitive club racing prevents this from happening.  The use of Pro race ball bearings in conjunction with the titanium axles, greatly helps to reduce wear and improves overall performance.

Gearing:  Multiple gearing combinations are available, which include 11 tooth, 12 tooth and 13 tooth motor pinions.  Alloy gears come in 26 tooth, 29 tooth, 31 tooth and 32 tooth sizes.  You can use a combination of the above pinions and gears to achieve your desired gearing ratio.  The choice of Tall or low range gearing will depend on track length, the radius of corners and your particular driving style.

Ninco Ford GT40 Light Medley 2Ninco Audi R18 Sebring 1

Ford GT Lightning Series                              Audi R18 Lemans Lightning Series

In summary the use of high quality pro race performance parts on the Lightning series makes them a stand out performance slot car.  If you are a serious club racer and want a high performance slot car, then the lightning cars are a great choice.

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